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Frequently Asked Questions


What age is appropriate for this program ?
The Abacus  program is designed for children between 4 to 14 years of age.

What are the various levels in the program?
There are 8 levels plus two Grand Levels. Besides this, for Kindergarten students we offer KG levels. Our centre is capable of handling classes up to Grand level I & II.

What kind of abacus is used in the program ?
The abacus used is the Japanese abacus or Soroban. It has around 15 rods, each with 5 beads. There are 4 beads below the bar, and 1 bead above the bar. The counting system is in line with the Indian and International Systems.

Will the Abacus program help my child with math and other subjects that are taught in school ?
Yes.  The program uses visual, auditory and tactile techniques to teach mental math which contributes to whole brain development and improves memory, focus and visualization skills.  These skills are beneficial across all academic subjects.

I would like to enroll my son (2nd grade, age 8) and daughter (4th grade, age 10) in abacus classes.  Which "Level" should I select for each of them ?
All students generally start the program in Level 1 (Basic Level) regardless of their age, school grade or academic ability.  However, for Kindergarten students, and sometimes for 1 st graders we start at a junior level called KG Level, and then move on to Level 1. In these levels we introduce the foundational concepts and basic exercises of abacus counting which will be are required for the upper levels. The program is designed in such a way that the child moves up through the levels very smoothly, in a comfortable and seamless manner.

How is this program different from other after-school math programs ?
Adyar Abacus is focused on teaching abacus math, which leads to strong mental math skills.  Once a child completes the curriculum, the mental math skills are soundly embedded in the child, and stays there for life.  The program at Adyar Abacus promises innovation, and is designed to be fun & interactive, so kids spend the in-class time interacting with the instructors, and learning through exercises, flash cards and games.

Can my child join classes any time during the year?
Of course.  The classes are offered on a individual, one-to-one basis. Moreover, Abacus is an ongoing programme, independent of the student's grade at school. If you have joined in a mid-month, the 'missed' classes can be made up by attending extra classes.


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